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Anonymous: Lol wait. Do men really like women squirting that much?



















There’s no way I can increase the font on this,

just know I am saying:


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out of curiosity, can you explain why? i mean, what’s the appeal? is it the visual manifestation of pleasure?

You know 85% of guys. We’re visual. Goal oriented to a fault. Squirting looks like we hit it so hard/good (because most guys correlate the two) broke you. Like we hit the jackpot. Like we did the ultimate thing.

For a guy who actually appreciates the female orgasm, who lives and dies by it in the bedroom, for a guy who wants nothing more than to be a servant to his woman when he’s in a relationship, for a guy who’s primary objective when we have sex is to surgically, systematically remove your soul out of your body and relieve you of any pressure, stress and everyday frustration…for a guy who wants to look you in your eyes as you roll them back in your head, arch your back and shake until your tense muscles ache and you become lightheaded from hyperventilating and cumming all night…for a guy who likes to lick his lips, surrounding area and fingers clean when he’s done, for guys like me…squirting is a prerequisite to good love. Feel me? ^_^





   from now on we gotta fuck niggas who believe like this no exceptions

Systematically remove my soul? I need me one like that, like yesterday

Lmao! My boyfriend actually said that exact phrase the other day about this subject.

The two of y’all need to start teaching classes.

The thing is though, while it’s very possible it takes work to achieve this. A lot cats watch porn and thing if they just ram rod the vag for as long as possible the sheets will  flood.
This is just not the case.

Like did you make sure your mate was relaxed? Did you initiate any kind of fore play beyond hitting the typical spots that are pleasing to you? We can only take so many neck, breast kisses before all that get’s raw.  You have a whole body to work with, dont’ get hung up and just eating it and sucking breasts.

Oh…and one more thing, it’s not always going to be a gushing water show like you see on TV. It can dribble leading to wet spot that grows larger over time. It can stream…

For both of you to be sure, make sure the person with the vagina pee’s first. That way when that feeling hits, they will know for sure.

since this seems to be an educational post let me also add. Fact woman do not only have that one screaming pulling of the hair orgasm, Most of us (if a nigga doing right) have multiple orgasms , yes we strive for the octane out of this world feel like your spine is about to pop and your stomach is in knots orgasm , but those small short electric ones are the ones that keep us wet. Those are the ones that let our bodies know this man is hitting the spot right. Also foreplay is everything, we have alot of those so called special spots the also keep us flowing with liquid gold. Eating is not the only thing you guys have to do it keep us flowing like the river damn. 

Bottom line, women weren’t built for us. We were built for you. I tell everyone one of my guy friends, older or younger, if you’re going to engage in intercourse with your partner, you don’t engage in intercourse. You are engaging in the entanglement of each other’s energies, each other’s emotions AND bodies. You have to wear the walls down slow…metaphorically and literally. Women need to be warmed up for optimal love-making/sex/fucking (because the three are VERY different). I don’t even do quickies because I feel like I’m disrespecting the magnificent body of my partner if I don’t get to treat it with the caressing, licking, sucking and biting it deserves. And honestly, guys always be concerned with cumming too fast…well maybe if you 1) ate right, 2) exercised, 3) did your damn kegals, 4) understood the power of GRINDING, HOLDING IT IN, KISSING WHILE INSIDE, OR CHANGING YA DAMN STROKE (angle, speed, depth, force, motion, etc,) and the importance of switching positions based on what you feel/how wet your girl is instead of for your visual pleasure, maybe, just maybe, you’ll get to that hallowed goal.


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You are engaging in the entanglement of each other’s energies, each other’s emotions 

At the minimum, close your eyes and feel/follow her energy as it flows throughout her body and spirit. You are the Orchestra Conductor and you need to be able to pay attention and learn how to direct her flow of energy. Know where it is concentrated at all times. If you arent there to experience her and have her experience you then why are you there at all. Every Sexual Occasion should feel like a completely new experience. 

1300 note post on squirting. Who knew?

Ima need thank you baskets or gift cards for starting this thread. Or paypal would suffice ;)

Nah, flourish, guys! Flourish over and over and overrrrr again. Lmao

this is so incredibly important. Sex isn’t just aboutknob A into slot B (or C, or D). Like no. You have to make love to and/or fuck the whole. entire. body. And the mind. Especially the mind. It all starts in the mind. We’re all creatures who exist on multiple planes of experience and our sexual practices should reflect that.


Lmfao the quotes they used though

The nerve